Save the South African Tahrs

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The language is pretty inflammatory, but it's worth going to Friends of the Tahr to read about the plight of the mountain goats at the Cape Peninsula National Park.

SF Lecture Series

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There's a yearly lecture at the Eastern New Mexico University named in honor of Jack Williamson which takes place March 1st. This year's topic is "New Science for a New Century" and features editor Scott Edelman and authors Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith as well as Dr. Williamson. More info at the university web page, for you New Mexico fans.

Last Minute Furry Spring Break News

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From Karl F. Meyers on "Hiya, folks! We're mere days away from Furry Spring Break, and it's
shaping up to be a good con...just a couple of things to bring up
before the big show."

Submissions Welcome

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As you may have noticed, we have a new news catagory: Commentaries. Fairly self-explanatory. I'm interested in recieving contributions for this catagory. Suggested topics include fandom (SF and furry) issues, rebuttals to previous commentaries, conventions reviews, and other feature-length articles. Take a look at some of the previous Fuzzy Logic issues for examples.

Morse code for dolphins...

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According to a Wired Article, scientists are attempting to develope a common language for humans to use in communicating with dolphins. This sound-based language will likely be examined as closely as the sign-language that are used with our simian cousins... although, from the statements in the article researches don't expect it to ever reach that level of sophistication.

Is Yerf all it claims to be?

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I spent the better part of the weekend surfing around some of the best known artist archives on the World Wide Web. My trip ended with the Yerf archive, which is considered by some to be the premiere archive on the Internet due to its selective nature and supposedly rigid quality control standards. But after spending some time examining the Recent Uploads section on Yerf, I found myself wondering:
What makes Yerf so great? It's like a refrigerator for developing furry artists.

Just to make sure I wasn't having a knee-jerk reaction to a slow weekend of uploads I took the time to go back several weeks. The more I perused this archive the more my sense of dismay and disappointment grew. This didn't seem like an elite archive where the "best of the best" came to show us what hard work and dedication can do. This seems like a place that is very loosely administered and often used for bragging rights. I found frequent, flagrant violations of the much-touted Uploading Guidelines and a general atmosphere of "we're better than you." Not to mention artwork that, to me, falls far below the caliber the site purports to host.

Elephant Music

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A group of elephants, improvising their own music on instruments especially designed for them, have released a CD of their handiwork. The release is available from Mulatta Records.

Name For New Moderated Newsgroup

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Kay Shapero announced on plans to reintroduce the RFD for the new moderated anthro/furry newsgroup. The first step in the process is to decide on a name for it. Anyone interested should send email to with the subject line "Vote", and indicate their preference of;

  • rec.arts.furry

  • rec.arts.anthropomorphic

All votes should be in by March 6.

Once abused animals now have a safe home.

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45 miles north of Kingman Arizona, along highway 93 between Dolan and Hoover dam A new animal shelter is being built. KEEPERS OF THE WILD, having moved from Las Vegas Nevada is planning on building a new 3.5 acre park-like habitat for it's resident animals.This will include a gift shop and deli to help provide needed funds for this non-profit organisation.

Anthrocon Registration Going Up

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For those of you thinking of attending Anthrocon this July 27th-29th in Philadelphia, registration is increasing from $35 to $40 at the end of this month. Anthrocon has a nifty online registration system, for those of you with plastic.

Furry Webhost

Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote) is providing free hosting service to furry websites. Perhaps this will help ease the load on the chronically downtime-plagued Furnation.

Elfquest Movie in Late 2002

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There seems to be a pretty big cross-over between Elfquest and furry fans, so I picked this one up off SF Wire: the Elfquest animated movie is slowly making headway. Check out the link for details.

Mel. White Joins Shanda Fantasy Arts

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On, Mike Curtis of Shanda Fantasy Arts has announced that Mel. White will be joining the SFA team: "...She is assuming the job of ACQUISITIONS EDITOR, to seek out new life forms and new that's not right. She'll be looking for talented folks to contribute to NEW HORIZONS (general furry), MAGIC CARPET (children's furry) , FANTASTIC FURRY STORIES (all text), and our new adult anthology coming this fall, WILD ORCHIDS.

If you have some stories or art to submit, you can contact Mel at"

New Book Review!

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Look, we updated the Sections! Check out the the reviews to see how one of the editors liked Alan Dean Foster's new and sorta furry novel, Kingdoms of Light.

Oren the Otter Suspends TCW and T&PJ

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A check of the Ottercomics site this morning shows that both The Changing Workplace and Tommy & PJ are showing pages indicating that they have been "cancelled until further notice". While I don't read T&PJ, I do read TCW daily and the storyline lately has had Oren losing his job and his house, so if this is any indication of what's happening in RL it may be a long time before these strips are revived.

From the Yerf Archive