FurToonia Website Returns

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The website for FurToonia MUCK, located at http://www.furtoonia.net has returned. I'm not quite sure why it was down, quite possibly it was due to renevations to the site or a hosting glitch. But what is important is that it has returned, and it has a slick JAVA application for MUCKing via your webbrowser.

Mel White nominated for Chesley

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Assuming this is the correct Mel White (I'm pretty sure it is though I'll confirm with Mel myself): http://www.scifi.com/sfw/current/news.html

Uncle Kage at Feral! 2001

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This was posted by Benjamin on alt.fan.furry:

The fandom's favorite cockroach, Uncle Kage, will be our special guest
at Feral! 2001, and we are very pleased to announce that he will be sharing
a number of his fascinating tales during his renowned Story Hour!
It's the perfect scene to enjoy stories in, don't you think? A campfire
blazing, the stars overhead, the fresh night air...

Feral! will be held August 22 to 26, 2001, at the Kinark Outdoor
Centre, in Ontario, Canada. You can find all the keen details on this event
at our web site...

Hiker, one of the attending artists and instructors, has done a drawing
that illustrates the upcoming event event nicely. You can find it at...

We hope to see you at Feral! 2001!


I have to agree, this is a great setting for Kage to pull out all the stops and show his story-telling prowess.

Lunatic fringe strikes again...

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It's odd how the timing for this couldn't be more perfect: On one hand, we have the newsbit that Micah posted regarding the conditions found in a large-production slaughterhouse. It roused a little debate -- although not as much as some people may have expected -- regarding the potential validity of this article, as well as a few remarks on the conditions humans subject themselves to, with a dash of "is organic farming reasonable?" thrown in for seasoning. On the other hand (paw?) we have the article about Furry fans appearing on the hit TV show "E.R." and the possible negative repurcussions it can have on the fandom. I watched some of the tidbits that were taped and converted to streaming media, and I personally don't see what the people on alt.fan.furry are up in arms about -- the Furry fandom has had worse blows (Vanity Fair, anyone? Or have we already forgotten the "Rapid T. Rabbit" interview on The Daily Show?) in its past. Surprisingly enough to me all the flames and knee-jerk reactions have stayed on a.f.f. and off of the Flayrah threads.

Read on for Feren's take on the lunatic fringe.

FurNetwork looking for donations

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Call it the ultimate poll. Furnetwork is looking for donations to make the initial payment for getting their servers back online. They will refund the money if they cannot get Furnetwork back up. The payment service is through Paypal, which you can access through Furnetwork's main page. If you thought the poll here was just hot air, here's where you can put your money where your mouth is.

Midwest FurFest Dealer Information Available...

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Information about the rates, accomodations and guidelines for persons interested in purchasing space in the dealer's room at Midwest FurFest has been made available online. All the necessary information can be found on the Dealer's Information Page. The necessary forms (the Dealer Application, Registration Form and Dealer Agreement) are available online in PDF and MSWord formats. The convention does request that any dealer-related correspondence be mailed to dealers@furfest.org and not the main MFF mailing address.

FurryMUCK test server now available

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A test version of FurryMUCK running on Fuzzball FB6 is being made available for users for the interim while FurryMUCK proper awaits new lines. This is not a permanent version of FurryMUCK: any changes made to this database will not be preserved when connectivity is restored to FurryMUCK's site. Site uptime is not guaranteed, due to Californian rolling blackouts and the fact that this IS a test server and may crash occasionally.

You may connect to it at the IP address: 8888

Or by hostname:

furry.com 8888.

ConiFur NW updates web page, adds chat list

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ConiFur has updated its web site with registration and hotel information, as well as links to subscribe to an announcement mailing list and a chat mailing list. Click "Read More" to read the latest announcement from the Convention Chairperson.

More New Online Comic Series!

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The Cyantian Chronicles has expanded once again with the completion of the last Satin & Silk arc.

More FurryMuck Status Reports

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FurryMuck is indeed up, but their temporary lines are being overwhelmed by addicted muckers. No folks, FurryMuck cannot be run on much less than a dedicated T1 or equivalent. :-) Read below for a couple of updates from the site admin, S'A'Alis.

Author Douglas Adams Dies

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Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhiker's guides, has died at 49 of a heart attack. More information at the BBC. Hope he's confusing the heck out of the angels in Heaven right now with his crazy stories.

Status of FurryMuck

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Fans of FurryMuck have noticed that it's been unavailable. Apparently, Furry's DSL provider went out of business and took both of Furry's lines with it. For now, FurryMuck is at a temporary IP address and port, 8888. Two new DSL lines have already been ordered.

Furrybid compromised, now back...

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I received the following email from the FurBid administration account:

Furry fans appear on ER

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The May 3 episode of the TV show "ER" had a sub-plot involving two stereotypical furry fans. Alt.fan.furry is up in arms about this, though to me it seemed no worse than the kind of treatment Trekkies or goths usually get on TV shows. If you missed the episode, Pressed Fur has put up RealVideo clips of the furry-related sections in their new 'Fiction' section, and has a pretty good synopsis of those parts of the show.

Anthrocon Masquerade & Charity Info

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Rigel on FurryMuck posted the following: Anthrocon 2001 is almost here! If you are a costumer, plan to attend Anthrocon 2001, and would like to participate in the Masquerade, here is what you should do:

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