FurBid server downtime

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During a normal replacement of a CPU fan, it was discovered that FurBid's power supply, after two years of dedicated service, has gotten tired. A new PSU was installed, but it was discovered to be inadequate for the power needs of the beast.

So, a new power supply has been placed on order. The problem is, we're not sure when it will get here, due to the mail stoppage until Tuesday. My colo admin has gone to purchase a new power supply today, so hopefully we will be back online before the end of the day. If not, definitely on Thursday. Damn hardware always fails right when it's needed.

The downside of professional fursuiting

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When Edmonton Oilers coach Craig MacTavish tore out the tongue of Calgary Flames mascot Harvey the Hound a few weeks ago, it was yet another reminder that the life of a sports mascot is anything but warm 'n' fuzzy -- no matter how warm 'n' fuzzy their costumes happen to be.

For more insights into the hazards of professional mascoting, read the full article here.

Furtopia Poetry Contest! (2-14-03 to 3-15-03)

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A happy Valentine’s day to everyone!

I would like to officialy announce Furtopia’s next “Poetry Contest”! :) Any fur may apply and does not have to be a Furtopia member. Users may post there submissions or comments here in the poetry corner: On March the 15th, Furtopia admins will all cast their vote. The selected poetry (and some runners up) will be linked up in the web world light with some selected reviews on the writing.

Poetry submitted cannot be of a content rating greater than PG. Poetry submitted should express some relationship or feeling to Furrydom. Furtopia staff will have final say in any question of suitability.

RIP, Dolly the Sheep

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Dolly the sheep, the first mammal cloned from an adult, was euthanized after being diagnosed with a progressive lung disease, her creators said Friday. She was born in 1996 and revealed to the world in 1997; scientists studied her as she began to exhibit symptoms of aging as though she were much older than she was, and she began to exhibit signs of arthritis before her sixth birthday. She was six and a half years old when she died, and is survived by her five children.

More information can be found at the Washington Post.

Yo yo yo! Breakdancing Fursuiters!

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UK hip-hop performer DJ Format has a video out for his song "We Know Something" featuring five different fursuiters and some wild breakdancing. Lots of fun! (Requires Quicktime) See a pic from the filming of the video below...

Gaming to be offered at Megaplex!!

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Megaplex is going to happen again March 21st to the 23rd in Orlando.

Last year in just two months we managed to put together 28 games in short
notice. We hope to have more to offer this year.

Megaplex is a multi venue con featuring performances, acting, a stage show,
gaming, costumes and much more.

If you are interested in joining in, in running or playing around check out
the website: http://ppmp.info/

Thanks for your time,

Garfield and Anthony
Con Gaming Organizers

Further Pheremone Findings

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Neurobiologist Lawrence Katz and his colleagues have been conducting research on the pheremonal responses of mice, measuring the impulses from individual neurons in their brains.
Katz's team were able to observe the activity of the "auxiliary olfactory bulb", which receives information from an "auxiliary nose" that detects pheremones.

Museums Battle for Possession of Horse's Head

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"Old Baldy" - the horse of Civil War General George Meade - continues to wade through battle 121 years after his death. The Grand Army of the Republic Museum and the Civil War Library and Museum both claim ownership of Old Baldy's head and want it for their own.

Gaming fun and good for you

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OMGr0x0r!! It seems that gamers aren't the antisocial malcontents that the media so often likes to paint them. Professor Talmadge Wright and colleagues at Loyola University, Chicago, have been studying Counter Strike culture, and have discovered that it's, amazingly enough, okay to shoot stuff.
Not only that, the social fun and humour of the game was not lost on them. "It gives people an option of actively participating in some kind of fantasy role they could not do in real life that allows them to play with their own feelings," said Prof Wright, pointing out that these online communities both build good teamwork and freindships while allowing people to blow off steam and relax. The study also notes that other researchers are often clouded by the idea that "mindless activity" has no place in a world that demands visable productivity.

Madagascar's mammals sailed to island

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Isolated Madagascar, with it's 100 or so species of weird and wonderful mammals, may have only aquired them after seperating from the main land. New research points to the four groups of mammals on the island coming from four individual ancestors that floated over on rafts of plantation. Both the carnivores and the lemurs are not primitive enough to justify assuming they seperated with the island, over 80 million years ago, and both groups point to one ancestor each. The genetic research that has been conducted on them hasn't been conducted on the other two mammalian groups, tenrecs and rodents, but scientist believe they probably arrived the same way, and Madagascar started off as a lone refuge of reptiles and birds.

There's a tiger in my bed...

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School officials in Minnesota were a bit taken aback by a fifth-grader's explanation of his inability to keep awake in class, and of the scratch marks covering his body. Apparantly, the tiger in his bedroom was keeping him up at night.

The 3 or 4 month old tiger - named Anna by the boy - has since been secured by a Humane Society.

Bird song CD hits top 50 in Brazil

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The work of 29 years of scientific study is appealing to both scientists and bird lovers in Brazil, not to mention regular folk. The CD contains the sounds of 80 different species found in wilds of the country. Not to be mistaken for other sorts of CDs designed for relaxing listening, the CD is all science, with the species, sex, location and time of each bird call included on the tracts.

Universe should expand forever

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NASA scientists are soon to announce that new data gleaned from the the Microwave Anisotropy Probe shows that the Universe should expand forever at an ever increasing rate. Tracing the 'echo of the Big Bang', the first release of data should also help answer other questions about the Universe, such as its infancy and the 'dark matter' that seems to fill much of it.

Sacrifice This!

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In celebration of the festival of Eid al-Adha, Muslims sacrifice cows, sheep, goats, and bulls, whose meat is given to the poor. In Istanbul today, the bulls weren't going to take it anymore and broke out, running loose through the city.
More than 600 people were injured
either attempting to sacrifice, or trying to capture the escaped animals.

Four new fanzine issues at Further Confusion

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Four Furry fanzines debuted their new issues at Further Confusion at the end of January: Fur Plus (#17), Fur Visions (#27), North American Fur (#11), and Yarf! (#66). Devoted readers of those fanzines may want to contact their publishers to buy copies, or order them from Rabbit Valley Books.

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