Sick otter gets MRI exam

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A female sea otter experiencing frequent seizures was given the first-ever otter MRI exam today. Doctors fear that they'll have to euthanize her if they can't discover the cause of her seizures, and the MRI seems to have been inconclusive. Be sure to read the caption under the accompanying photo.

Midwest FurFest September Newsletter

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We're counting down the days, now, until Midwest FurFest 2002! Read on for all the news and information, including how to register online!

New Scientist mag offers life after death (or Hawaii)

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Want to be cryogenically preserved but can't afford the $50,000 to $120,000(US) price tag?. Well, it's your lucky day! New Scientist magazine is sponsoring a contest, with the prize a free cryonic preservation after death for the winner. And possibly-- ressurection afterwards, though most experts feel the best you'll do is unfreeze a very well preserved still-dead person. And don't be worried about the low, low prices of the Cryonics Institute meaning low quality freezing... Or you could just take the trip to Hawaii instead.

Not all dinos look cool

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Incisivosaurus gauthieri is hardly the best looking of dinos, but that buck toothed, goofy face is the face of change in the way we percive theropods. Largely thought to be nothing but swift predators with only the most superficial of differences in their dentation, I. gauthieri has rodent-like enlarged, flattened incisors instead of the typical 'steak knife' carnivore teeth. This has lead scientists to believe it might actually be a herbivore, a first in this line of specialized dinosaurs.

ConFurence 11 Video might be available by Conifur

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The "ConFurence 11: Furries in Asia" Souvenir Video is currently being mastered to both DVD and VHS tape, and we might have a few available in time for Conifur Northwest.

Many thanks go to David Bliss for editing together video from several sources, including his own footage, and for artfully replacing copyright-protected music with suitable royalty-free music tracks. The video flows very well, and covers many aspects of the convention... I'm pretty happy with it.

DVD's of the 2-hour program will cost $19 each, and VHS Tapes will be $15 each.

Pyramid shaft to be explored tonight

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The great pyramid of Cheops is the largest pyramid in Egypt, but in spite of contant study by experts and daily visits by tourists, it still contains mystery. Some of that mystery will hopefully be cleared up when a small roving robot is sent up up a vent shaft tonight to probe behind the door of an unexplored chamber. The event will be carried on live television in some places, hosted by the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Dr. Zahi Hawass.

End Of Summer 2002 FurEauction Newsletter

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How I learnt to stop worrying and love the Press.

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Why does 'Furry Fandom' hate the press? Are all journalists out to get us? Can there ever be a good opinion of a 'Fur Con' published in a magazine? Why do hotdog buns come in eights, but hot dog sausages in tens?

"First ever smilie" unearthed in the depths of computer history

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Ahh, how archaeology has fallen. At one time, to discover history ment you had to get out into the outdoors to dig it up. Now you just have to look through hundreds of thousands of early eighties computer messages. Discovered by a Microsoft researcher, no less, the definative message is apparently from the Carnegie Mellon University BBS on September 19th, 1982 and reads: "I propose that the following character sequence for markers :-)." If so, someone's 20th birthday is coming up.

Humans littered early

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Though early homonids were adept tool makers, the concept of recycling the tools for multiple uses seemed to not hit them yet. A quarry in central India is surrounded by discarded Homo erectus stone tools, suggesting that the tools were used nearby and discarded after use. Though this stage of homonids were very humanlike in an ability to design and make tools, they were quite chimplike in a lack of ability to plan ahead. Chimps and other tool making animals also discard tools as an 'as needed' item.

Russia struggles to save the tiger

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Siberian and Amur tigers have never had it easy, but with the fall of communism and a lack of government interest in their protection, the numbers are dropping off fast. With few jobs available in the far east of Russia, hunting and poaching are a new way of life. Locals are baffled at Western conservationists interest in an animal so threatening to them, and the few nature reserves are stops for them to take caviar, deer and even tigers. Though education is continuing, especially for the young, to encourage them to have pride in the big cats of Russia's taiga, the future range of the Amur and Siberian tigers might end up behind zoo bars.

Foxy in Manchester

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The Countryside Alliance, an advocacy group protesting recent moves to end the fox hunt in Britain, staged a mounted demonstration along Canal Street in Manchester's gay village Thursday. Forty protestors on horseback rode down the street, notable for its appearance in the original British production of "Queer as Folk", accompanied by a pack of dogs and a falcon. A spokesman said that the location was chosen to emphasize hunters' "battle against bigotry and intolerance".

Conifur Northwest preregistration deadline

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Preregistrations for Conifur Northwest must be postmarked by September 20th, about a week and a half from now. It's still just $30 to preregister as opposed to $40 at the door, and it's not too late to sponsor, either! Check out out nifty sponsor benefits.

To preregister, we need your name, alias (if you want one on your badge), address, and email. Please make checks or money orders out to Conifur Northwest and mail them to 1911 SW Campus Drive, PMB 380, Federal Way, WA 98023. We also accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover! You can fax your information (including card number and expiration date) to us at 253-815-7769 or call us at 253-815-0962. We cannot accept credit card information via email, sorry.

Foxes like Balls. Duh.

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A fox caused some problems on a recent golf tourny by nabbing the balls off the fairway and causing the golfer to take a stroke penalty.

Article Here

Furnation To Go Offline Again

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Furnation will go offline again tonight because they exceeded the 100 GB transfer limit. The message was posted in the FurNation message forum and was posted by the Administrator. FurNation will be back up when they find a new service provider who can allocate more bandwidth.

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