Mice with human brain cells created at Stanford

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In this article, Flayrah published that scientists want to insert human stem cells into the brains of mice. Scientists at Stanford University today announced that they have already done so. Dr. Irving Weissman of Stanford and Fred Gage of the Salk Institute of La Joya created a mouse with millions of human brain cells.


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Flayrah's webserver had some Apache configuration problems today from about noon central time to early this evening. As I'm not often on a computer during my work day, I was unable to submit a trouble ticket to my host until late this afternoon. Sorry for the inconvenience, we're open for business, again.

FurFest Artist Payments Mailed

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Artists who participated in Midwest FurFest's art show should find their payment checks in the mail later this week. They were mailed today, after only a three week turnaround time. If you have any questions, you can email artshow@furfest.org.

Profits fuel illegal trade of exotic species, endangered animals

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This Google News search will find the Associated Press investigative report on the underground trade in exotic animals for meat and hides. The full article (transmitted in advance to news organizations but not available to the general public) runs about 2000 words, although local papers may edit it to include a local angle or shorten it for space.

Exotic pets growing more accessible in USA

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The "USA Today" issue of December 6 includes an article on the ownership of exotic pets, and what can happen when the owners can't care for, or control, the animals.

Also, keep an eye out for a lengthy (and grisly) Associated Press story to be released soon, on the trade in exotic animal meat and hides.

Ursa Major Awards nominations now open

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Nominations (up to five in each category) for the 2003 Ursa Major Awards for the best anthropomorphic literature and art of 2002 in nine categories, to be presented at ConFurence 2003 in April 2003, are now open. They will remain open until January 7, 2003, when they will close so the nominations can be counted and the voting ballot prepared. The voting ballot will contain the five highest nominees in each category.

Bigfoot 'creator' dies, family admits to hoax

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It might disapoint many people to find out, but Ray L. Wallace, who died of a heart attack on November 28th and was one of the early stars in the Bigfoot story, used monkey suits, tapes of weird noises and a pair of large, wooden feet to perpetrate one of the biggest hoaxes in Cryptozoology. Now that he's gone, his family admits to taking part in various suit wearing exploits over the decades, even claiming to be involved in the famous Patterson film. The confession doesn't phase true believers. "To suggest all these are explained by simple carved feet strapped to boots just doesn't wash," says Jeff Meldrum, an associate professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University.
Believe it or don't.

Trigger Happy

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If you haven't caught Comedy Central's new show, Trigger Happy, you should check it out. It's a British show on Thursdays at 10:30EST. They show short clips of people playing gags on others, and many of them have a furry theme, such as squirrels (fursuited people) attacking someone in the park in front of walkers, or an exterminator coming to a guy's house only to find the 'huge rat' he'd reported is someone in a rat fursuit sitting on his couch. It's hilarious, you gotta see it.
Site here.

Upcoming "Day of the Horse" Events...

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Thanks to bill number ACR 175, which was passed by the State of California, December 14, 2002 has been designated as "Day of the Horse".
The text of the bill may be read here.

Be sure to check out a listing of upcoming
"Day of the Horse" events
, starting on December 7th.


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Combining a love of poetry and quantum mechanics, a British writer is using sheep to create a living form of "random" poetry.

The members of a flock of sheep had words spray painted on their backs. As the sheep move around and come to rest again, they form poems. The quantum physics aspect refers to the uncertainty of how the sheep will arrange themselves.

A New York performance artist is doing a similar project using cows.

Humans and Mice share 99% of genes

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An article on the BBC's news site discusses how much similarity there is between men and mice.

I was quite taken with the quote from one scientist: "We share 99% of our genes with mice, and we even have the genes that could make a tail."

I wanna tail.

Celebrate Furst Night Pittsburgh!! 12/31/02

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Let me invite you to attend "Furst Night 2002," a furry gathering held on the coat tails of the Pittsburgh First Night Celebration on December 31, 2002.

FurBid mentioned in Canadian magazine

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Well, it wasn't good press, but it could've been worse...

A Canadian magazine called Shift ("Canada's Technology and Entertainment Magazine") (yeah, I'd never heard of it either) had their annual "100 best web sites for 2003" in their November/ December issue. Now, when I see "Entertainment" I immediately think "tabloid". But, holding my prejudices back I slogged on...

...until I came to the listing. Number four under the category "bizarre" (as I thought), with a snap-shot of the front page.

Synopsis reads: "eBay for furry-animal 'toon fetishists: Use this site to bid on the erotic squirrel prints you've never known you've always wanted. For the true connoisseur, only the creepy lifelike, full-body animal outfits will do. And if you can convince your lover to wear one of those, you're the man, dog. Cute, fuzzy, sexy dog."

Meh. Could've been worse. Mildly humorous, a bit biased, but I won't get inflamed about it.
A quick message off to the editor, pointing out the URL they have is old was all I was provoked into >:-) Hay, they did send me two free copies of the issue it appears in >:-)


Sabrina On The Other Line

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Trying to find Sabrina Online and getting TCP errors? After the fourth
day of my ISP telling me "The system was unable to communicate with
the server," I tried the old address. Apparently, Eric W Schwartz is
moving to another server. The December comics can be found at --
...until sabrina-online.com is back ahem online.

UN, S&M, and Scotch Guarded Fursuits (or, why I love Dan Savage)

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This fits into so many categories, but...

UN Iraqi weapons inspector Jack McGeorge likes whips and chains and other ties that bind. In fact, he's a founding member of the Washington DC area Black Rose society and a former chairman of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. So, when the Washington Post discovered that he may not have a degree in weapons inspecting, they reported instead that he was a pervert.

The furry angle to all this is a very amusing interview that CNN did with Dan Savage discussing the situation. I guess we made a heck of an impression on Mr. Savage as somehow he and Anderson Cooper of CNN started discussing Plushophilia and furry conventions. You can read the transcript on CNN's web site.

Read more about why you should be outraged by the Washington Post (and not Dan Savage).

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