One Tough Puppy

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Fox News is reporting that Dosha, a 8-month old puppy, has survived being run over, shot, then frozen in Clearlake, California. Doctors expect her to make a full recovery. The case remains under investigation.

Endangered bird set for come back

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BBC Online reports that plans to restore the great bustard to the environs of Salisbury plain are progressing well. The great bustard is the world's largest flying bird. It once flourished in Wiltshire, and many other parts of the world, but now wild populations survive only in Russia and Ibera.

Now, man saves dog!

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In another doggy story, a tale of a man, his pit bull, and his reckless behavior to save his pet from a fire has captured the hearts and support of thousands of newspaper readers. Jarrod Martin was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment when he broke open a window in his burning house to save his dog on the other side when told repeatedly to keep away. The police and fire department defended their actions saying the entry could have caused a back draft or other problems, in spite of the fact no fire fighters were in the building at the time.
This is especially hitting the people of Tennessee hard in the heart as it follows up less than a year after a mixed breed puppy was shot by police in an amazing comedy of errors. The story, just a local event, has been picked up by national and international media, and people are offering everything from emotional to legal support to the accused. After all, anyone who's ever had a pet can relate.

Man bites police dog

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You know the old saying, dog bites man is just gossip but man bites dog is news! And what news it is: Paul Russell, a Syracuse man, is being charged with attacking and biting a police dog when an officer and dog were called to investigate a disterbance at a bar. "I don't think I bit the dog. I just got into a fight with him. I don't really remember. I was pretty drunk," Russell apparently told police.

Hamburg Refuses PETA Name Change Offer

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PETA, in its quest for strange ways to expend its resources, has asked that the town of Hamburg, NY. change it's name in exchange for $15,000 worth of veggieburgers.
The proposed name change? Veggieburg, of course.
Hamburg has held its name since 1812 and has no intentions of changing it. It claims to be the birthplace of the hamburger and is home to the annual Burgerfest.

City Officials May Evict Miniature Horse

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A Cleveland woman has found herself battling local zoning ordinances after taking in a miniature horse as a service animal. Ann Willis suffers from osteoarthritis, and hopes that the miniature - Charity, by name - will help improve her mobility. The city disputes the horse's status as a "service animal" which would make her exempt from zoning laws. Such laws prohibit the stabling of an animal within 100 feet of a residence, which they claim Willis has violated by keeping the horse in a backyard shed. Willis has since moved Charity into her house and filed a complaint with the U.S. Dept. of Justice.

Underworld trailer online

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Slashdot reports that the trailer for the film Underworld is now online. It appears to be a rather hardcore action film where vampires and werewolves exist and are at war. Pretty neat teaser trailer.

Another of "those" articles about Furry fandom

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Here is another newspaper profile on Furry fandom for the general public, in the new "Los Angeles Alternative Press". At least this one is reasonably objective. It also includes a URL link to the website for ConFurence 2003, next week -- dunno whether this will hurt or help the ConFurence...

Just 1 week until ConFurence

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Last minute reminder:

ConFurence 2003: The Furry West will be April 25-27 at the Hilton Burbank Airport and Convention Center, in Burbank, California. This marks our FIFTEENTH annual anthropomorphic convention and exhibition in Southern California, which is quite a milestone.

The hotel has promised to keep our room reservation block open all the way up to the days of the convention, and our room rates are locked in. Standard hotel rooms are $102 per night and Jr. Suites are $135 per night, for up to two guests in the room. 3rd and 4th guests pay an additional $20 each per night.

The Hilton Burbank Airport is a pet-friendly hotel. Contact them directly for their specific policies so you might not have to leave your pets at home.

(read on...)

They've taken everything but the lions...

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An article on Yahoo! News speaks of looting at the Baghdad Zoo and the plight of the lions and tigers there.

Father of the Pride

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A New CGI primetime animated series coming form Dreamworks. Its called Father of the Pride and is about a family of White Lions at Siegfried and Roy's. You can find the details over on the Animated Movies Website for April 14.

Tai-Pan celebrates fifteen years of furry art and fiction

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There's a new issue of Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe available! Issue #32 features a front cover by Jennifer Anderson, and back cover by Sky Rigdon. The issue contains "Suffer the Children" written by Chuck Melville and illustrated by Bill Koonts, "Kiss and Tell" written by Gene Breshears and illustrated by Sheryl Schopfer, "Chop Job" a graphic story by Bill Koonts, and "Fifteen furs on a dead man's chest, yo ho ho! And a bottle of rum" a little commemoration of Tai-Pan's fifteenth anniversary.

Parallel Universes May Be Real

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Scientific American has nice article about multiverse theory, and the cosmological evidence which supports it.

Happy. Bright. Fun. Ducks.

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The jolly band 'Lemon Jelly', in co-operation with Airside and Tandem Films, have made an early release of their new video on the internet. A hopping mix of dancing animals and trance visuals, with music that will stick in your head.

Nice Weather For Ducks, on full release Monday, 20th.

Canines Help Children learn to Read

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They're known as Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D), and they're helping young children to improve their literacy. Founded by Intermountain Therapy Animals, the program at Dana Street Elementary in Forty Fort, PA. was recently discussed in this article. The first and second graders are assisted by two dogs - Thor and Puli.

"At Dana, the kids take turns reading to the dogs in person, then write to them - often on bone-shaped paper - while waiting for the next visit."

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