Cheetahs love Calvin Klein

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According to this article, cheetahs just go wild for the scent of Calvin Klein's perfume, Obsession.

Makes scents to me...

Mysterious glowing object struck space shuttle Columbia before disintegration

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The Good Morning Silicon Valley newsletter (by John Paczkowski this morning mentioned two articles mentioning a mysterious glowing purple object that appears in an image taken by an amateur astronomer in the SF Bay Area, seven minutes before the shuttle disintegrated. The image is thought to NASA to coincide with the moment sensors first detected heat buildup in the shuttle's wheel wells, which soon led to massive system failure.

Site Promotion

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A couple of small changes, tonight. First, you may have noticed the addition of the PayPal Donate button in the menu bar. Donations recieved from PayPal, as well as any proceeds from our CafePress Store go towards offsetting cost of hosting this website. Also, you can link to us using this banner. Very belated thanks to Xydexx for providing it!

Pixar shopping for a distributor...

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Pixar, producers of Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., and Finding Nemo, is looking for a distributor to replace their long-time partner, Disney.
Warner Bros., Twentieth Century Fox, and Sony Pictures are thought to be among the top candidates.

"I think they're in discussions with everybody," said Jeffrey Logsdon, an analyst with Gerard Klauer Mattison. "There's a lot of guys who want to take the girl to the prom."

"Spirited Away" Takes the Annie Award

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On Feb. 1st the Annie Awards saw Miyazaki's film Spirited Away take home four awards for best feature film, writing, music, and direction.
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron also won four awards, including character design, effects animation, production design, and storyboarding.

Furtopia Furry E-cards Now Open :)

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Yea! *does a happy dance* After weeks of work fighting with perl and pascal code I got my original Furry E-cards back up now under Furtopia and improved. It basically lets furs send furry oriented e-cards to each other while promoting the web pages of the artists who have created cards. There is also a link for artists to create their own Furry E-cards for their own web pages. :)

For those who want to check it out here is the link: .

It still needs a little checking and appearance fixes. But over all everything seems to work smoothly so far. I am so happy this is finally done. I've been trying to get this off the ground for sooooooooooo long. ;) Give it a try and let us know what you think!

WhiteShepherd (Furtopia Admin)

Another Good Press article on the fandom

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Another article arising out of Further Confusion 2003 by Roger Colton is available over at

Jim Hill keeps a highly regarded "inside Disney doings" sort of website I read regularly.

The article is the one titled: It's not just funny animals.

"Rogue panther" responsible for mauling?

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According to this article in the Virginian Pilot, a big cat of unknown species and origin has been spotted in the community of Chincoteague Island, VA. The rumors of the cat's presence have recently been compounded upon by a reported mauling of a resident.

Space push by Bush

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The budget is often a time to push forward new initiatives, but rarely is it the place for the discussion on the growing possiblity of real 'space aliens'. In a brief passage entitled "Where Are The Real Space Aliens?", points out the growing evidence of the possibility of extraterestrial life as part of the budget for NASA. For four paragraphs, it's produced a lot of buzz.

Only Two Weeks Left for FREE MEMBERSHIPS at ConFurence

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You must reserve your hotel room for CF2003 before February 15, 2003 if you intend to sign up for the Furry West Homestead Act of ConFurence 2003.

"Furry West Homesteaders" (Up to 4 in each hotel room) get free memberships to the convention, in addition to some of the same benefits that Sponsors of the convention will receive. This includes getting into the Art Show a full hour before anyone else is permitted to enter.

Upcoming Furry Comics for April 2003

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Doodles wrote in with this month's Upcoming Furry Comics listing compiled from Previews: "Hello, folks! Another month, another listing. It's a mild month, with a lot of the major publishers slacking off in preparation for the coming Summer."

Click on 'Read More' for the listing.

Space shuttle Columbia tragedy

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For those who may not have heard yet, the space shuttle Columbia, with 7 astronauts on board, broke up on re-entry from its 16 day science mission. It is unlikely there were any survivors. Long range photographs of the re-entry show clear evidence of a breakup, and witnesses near Nacogdoches and Palestine, Texas, have reported falling debris. Given the altitude and speed of the vehicle at breakup, it is believed unlikely to be a terrorist act.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the crew.

Toys for Pigs

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A law which goes into effect today rules that British pig farmers must place "manipulable material" in their animal's enclosures. Failure to provide such release from boredom can result in a fine of up to £2,500.

Lion Rips Woman's Arm Off

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Source: Lion Rips Woman's Arm Off

MADRID (Reuters) - A lioness in a Spanish animal sanctuary ripped the right arm off a British tourist after the 54-year old woman clambered up a barrier and stuck her fingers inside the cage, local media reported.

Surprise Guest for ConFurence 2003

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I wish, oh I *REALLY* wish I could tell you who just accepted to be a guest at ConFurence 2003... However, due to contractual obligations, he would have to jump through legal hoops and we would end up getting buried in paperwork before being able to make any kind of announcement of his being a guest at any public function.

However, I *CAN* tell you that he is the Director of one of the anthropomorphic Motion Pictures nominated to receive this year's Ursa Major Award and he will be at ConFurence 2003: The Furry West as our surprise Guest of Honor!!!

This year's Ursa Major nominees for best Anthropomorphic motion picture are:
* Ice Age
* Spirit: Stallion of the Cimaron
* Spirited Away
* Lilo & Stitch
* Stuart Little 2

We just *can't* tell you who it is before the convention, but he is the director of one of the above films.

Darrel L. Exline
Director, The ConFurence Group
Chairman, ConFurence 2003: The Furry West

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