Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade (review by Mike Chavez)

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Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade "may be fairly counted as the last great anime film of the 20th century–or perhaps the first great one of the 21st" as it's official website labels it. And it is a title well deserved.

Auctions for ASB Reprint

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Rabbit Valley is trying to raise money for a reprint of the acclaimed Associated Student Bodies comic series. Visit Rabbit Valley's Web Site or FurEAuction for a full list of items available. Lots of classic and rare 1980's comics from Sean's collection are included. (Also keep an eye out for some rare ASB issues too!)

If all goes as planned, Rabbit Valley hopes to have the new printing in time for Further Confusion. Stay tooned...

Groats add to family

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Sunday morning, October 27, Margaret Julia Groat came into the world. The proud parents are Jim and Rebekah Groat. Congratulations to them!

Furry Simpsons special

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I just recently saw the commercial for the Simpsons annual Halloween special. There's some apparent transformation in there, and a lot of furry goodness (Marge becomes a feline, Bart a spider, Lisa an owl and Homer a Walrus... and Ned becomes a Cowtaur). I'll be setting my VCR for this one...

The Uncanny Valley

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Totally interesting article talking about a Japanese researcher's work with how humans can be more comfortable with androids, and what that means for furry. I'm psyched!

FC2003 : October Newsletter

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On behalf of Further Confusion: Furries in Wonderland

FC2003 Newsletter October 2002

1. Info From the Head MadHatters
2. Con Book Call for Submissions
3. Artshow Packets Mailed out
4. Hotel Update
5. Events: Live Animal Event
6. Airfare Sale
7. Travel Assistance
8. FC2004 Bid Call
9. FC Writing Contest
10. Fursuit Badges

Get your ADFURTZ here!

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Introducing the new web-based classified ad system just for the furry community. Promote your auctions, no matter where they are on the web or even if the items are not furry-related. Find a new job, find a used car, find something you lost, all in one place. Plug your T-shirts, your comics, your artwork. Finally a site for furries, devoted completely to advertising.

A Tiger's Tale Wins A Booker

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For the first time in who knows how long, a genre novel has won the Booker Prize. (Considered by many to be the highest award available for novels)

And guess what, its our genre! The award winner is Canadian Yann Martel’s work Life of Pi, a story of a young boy and a tiger called Richard Parker.

53 Pig/human crossbreeds made.

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A new, simple technique, developed by Mairaluisa Lavitrano at the University of Milan-Bicocca, has improved xenotransplant yields (the number of young with foreign genes) from about 4% to up to 88%. In short, she can regularly and reliably introduce human genes into pigs, who then express the human genes.

Further information about this technology can be found at:

New Guests added for ConFurence 2003!

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Two new guests, Joe Staton and Omaha Sternberg have been added in the last few weeks to the fast-growing Guest Lineup at ConFurence 2003.

Joe Staton is best known for illustrating the recent Scooby Doo Comic Books, Creating the original E-Man, Teddy-Q, and Michael Mauser characters in the early 70's, and most recently did work on Furry Ninja High School, which is being released in a couple weeks by Shanda Fantasy Arts.

Joe has worked for 27 publishers with 82 different editors over the last 30 years, and is quite a talent in the industry. There is a Bio of Joe Staton online with more information about the artist.

Our next guest announcement, Omaha Sternberg, needs very little introduction to most furry fans. Having created the original Cabaret Fur-le-Dance at ConFurence 3 in 1992, Omaha takes her name from the exotic dancing feline created by Reed Waller and Kate Worley. The Cabaret Fur-le-Dance was originally started to raise money for Reed Waller's medical bills (he fought cancer and beat it!) and continues to be a tradition at ConFurence with different named charities each year.

Omaha returns to ConFurence 2003 after not being able to attend for the last few years, and she will be very welcome, indeed.

Boeing shows "Bird of Prey" Aircraft...

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Looking something akin to a bird, and not unlike a "bird of prey" from the popular TV show Star Trek, Boeing released a news story on a new stealth aircraft technology demonstrator that flew 38 times in secret testing from 1992 until 1998.
More details and videos at

You've got mail, AOL

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Jim McKenna and John Lieberman of California are just as tired as you are of seeing annoying AOL signup discs everywhere. But believe it or not, they want as many as they can get. The plan? Dropping a million AOL discs back at the doorstep of the company that spawned them. AOL discs appear everywhere, in magazines, at the movies, in the mail and at parties. The campain started when the friends went to rent a movie... and got an AOL disc with it. When they got home, another one was waiting in Lieberman's mailbox. It's very wasteful, but the company does say you can return the discs for recycling to them. Why not one million?Visit NoMoreAOLCDs.com to see how many they have now.

Good news for mountain gorillas

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The BBC is reporting good news about slowly increasing populations for mountain gorillas. It might not be much, but it's wonderful hearing some good news about the great apes for a change. It always seems like the news is dire...

New Wallace and Gromit shorts hits the web

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Aardman Animation (creators of "Chicken Run") has posted a series of ten short films titled "Crackling Contraptions" and featuring their well-known characters Wallace and Gromit. The first film, "Soccamatic," is available now and may be downloaded for free, as can a trailer for the other nine episodes. The rest of the series will be available on October 22 and is downloadable for a US$9.95 fee.

The BBC also reports that Aardman director Nick Park is working on a script with Dreamworks SKG for the first Wallace and Gromit feature-length film, to be released in two years.

UK Water voles threatened

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BBC Online reports that the endangered water vole (a mouse-like, aquatic rodent) is being killed in large numbers by people who mistake them for rats.

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