The Descent of Dogs

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Dogs have long been man's best friend, but no one has really been sure how long man and canine have been in association with each other.Scientists now think dogs are from Asia, and have been with us shorter than some people thought. Three teams, working separately on the problem of the origin of dogs, studied Old World dogs, New World dogs and doggy social cognition.

A Hoppin' Good Time?

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While at the movie theatre the other night I caught a glimpse of a trailer for "Kangaroo Jack". While I don't expect this to be a masterpiece of cinematography, the presence of the film's main character will most likely compensate... take a look at

FurNation is Back Online!

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Well, after a minor server glitch (hardware related) we have re-installed the new system at the new ISP.

We now have up to 100MB/s data transfer from our new location. We are connected to a 1GB/s UUNET fiber channel with a 1GB/s AT&T backup line.

The server has redundant everything so there should be no more outages. We are pre-paid up on the new location for 5 months.

Now, I have to re-install the front end modules on the entry page and re-activate the FTP server (should be finished tomorrow).

For now everyone can go to FurNation and the system works, abit with a few pages which may still not be activated yet.


A very old image of the Mouse found in Austria

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Malta Mouse? A 700 year old fresco being uncovered at a small church revealed a cartoon animal among the devotees to St. Christopher that is so much like Mickey Mouse, some art historians think it could be used to challange the copyright. Most notable in the big, round set of circle ears on the head, the Mickey-like mouse could apparently be another animal, such as a weasel or beaver.
Disney should just be glad the bird beside the mouse doesn't look like Donald.

FC2003 Newsletter November 2002 Fursuiter Edition

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1. Fursuiter Area at the Doubletree Hotel
2. Masquerade Rules and Call for Acts
3. FVS Announcement and Call for Acts

Otterly fantastic recovery as otters go urban in the UK

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When you think of urban wildlife, most North Americans think raccoons or skunks. Most UKers think more along the lines of foxes and squirrels. But The Wildlife Trusts, a British conservation authority, say cleaner waters mean otters in urban centers.
Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Bristol, Canterbury and Cardiff are just some of the thirteen urban centers that are now home to resident otters, thanks to better water management and more access to picine food. Coming from virtual extinction in the 60's, this is very, very good news.
Director general of The Wildlife Trusts Dr. Simon Lyster said the recovery of the otter was "the most exciting success story of the last decade". Rural numbers are also on the rise, but large roadkill numbers for otters and other species are still a cause for concern.

Mobile 'Mavs' more common than you'd think

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A survey by a British mobile phone company discovered one in three users have mistakenly sent text messages to the wrong person, often with bizare and embarassing results. From a fellow who wanted to message his friend for the number of a girl he liked, and ended up sending it to his current girlfriend, to explicit messages being mistakenly sent from daughter to mom, mis-paging a message isn't so uncommon.
A company spokesman said, "Most people dropped clangers because they flicked through their mobile phone book and clicked on the wrong name. For instance users who had meant to send to Dan or Danielle click on the name before which in many cases is Dad."
And you thought 'maving' on a muck was embarassing...

2002 Recommended Furry Reading List - 1st Update

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2002 Recommended Furry Reading List - 1st Update

The 2002 Recommended Furry Reading List was first posted on November 1st. This is the first update, adding most of the new recommendations sent in. (There are problems with some of them; see below.) There were complaints that the 2001 Recommended List got confusing with too many separate updates, so this year all the additions are being added to the same List. The next update will be posted on December 1st, which is also when nominations open for the 2002 Ursa Major Awards.

This second annual Recommended Furry Reading List has two purposes. Firstly, it is open for all Furry fans to recommend the best anthropomorphic movies, TV series, novels, artwork, games, etc. that they found during 2002. It is for fans who want to know what anthropomorphic movies, TV series, novels, etc. are worth looking for. The List is open to anyone to add to, so if you know of any 2002 Furry movies or comic books or comic strips, etc. that are worth recommending, please send your recommendations through the end of 2002 to: is open for art and helping furs.

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*Woof!* I am WhiteShepherd a friendly and sometimes...often chatty white dog. ;) I am the head the admin of . I often get the question emailed “What is Furtopia?”. So I am here to explain the “what”, “where”, and “why” of this furry service.

FurNation Online Tomorrow!

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Well, after a week of fighting with the new server, cutting the tip of my finger on a cooling blade, a bad CD, blown hard drives, and other events I am proud to say that FurNation looks rock solid once again!

New Furcadia review on Electric Playground

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One of the judges in the Independent Games Festival has just posted a glowing review of Furcadia. Worth having a peek here.

Furry music stream now regular thing

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As the last few tests have been promising, I'll be running my furry music stream each Wednesday night from here on. The stream runs from 6pm to midnight, Pacific time, and features all furry-composed music. The format is dance, trance, techno, soft rock, and ambient, although comedy will be interjected occasionally.

The stream links are:

The home page is


Ursa Major Awards Page updated

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The Web page for the Ursa Major Awards has recently been updated.

The Ursa Major Awards, hosted by The ConFurence Group, is the annual "Best Of" awards for Anthropomorphic works of literature and art.

Nominations for the Ursa Major Awards will be open starting December 1, 2002, and going through January 7, 2003.

Deer are the new varmints

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According to the New York Times (free registration may be required), deer populations have exploded so much that they're throwing the ecosystem out of whack, eating gardens and peoples' shrubbery, and creating hazards in the roads.

ConFurence 2003 Hotel Reservations online

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You may now make hotel reservations for ConFurence 2003 via Hilton's online reservation system at for ConFurence 2003. The 3-letter group code for our event this year is "COC"

Standard rooms are $102 per night, and Jr. Suites are $135 for up to two people. Third and 4th guests are an additional $20 per night.

Stay tuned for an announcement at LosCon 29 (Thanksgiving Weekend) regarding the "Furry Homesteading Act of CF2003." More details later, but keep your hotel reservation confirmation number handy to be designated a "Furry Homesteader" with special benefits.

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