The Healing Power of Purring

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No kidding! Apparently the frequency at which cats purr help strengthen their bones and possibly accelerate their healing. So grab a cat next time you're feeling pained. Or, well, pick one up gently.

Sea Creatures

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Some interesting stuff from Scientific American today... apparently great white sharks like their wives to stay home while they wander. And more disturbing, an article about the decline of the sea turtle because of poaching. This one contains a couple of disturbing and graphic pictures of turtles being cut up in restaurants, so don't read this one over lunch. There are prettier pictures, too, though.

Cow Falls Through Roof, Hurts One

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Go read about the man who had a cow fall on him in a coffee shop. No, I'm not kidding. This is almost as weird as the one about the cow falling out of the airplane, though I can't remember if that one was true or not.

Help for Blind Albino Wallaby

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Beanie, a nine-month old albino wallaby in a UK theme park, has undergone a cataract operation to restore his sight. It's the first time this surgery's been attempted on a wallaby.

MFM 2001 Information

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We are pleased to announce that the Mephit Fur Meet 2001 information is now

Feral! the furry summer camp

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Feral! is warming up to be one of the summer's hottest furry events!

There is only a few weeks left for registration, so check out the web site to see all the great stuff that Feral! has to offer! Register today!

Animal Cruelty on TV Show

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The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wants to see the unedited footage from Survivor where one of the contestants killed a wild pig to see if it constitutes cruelty to animals. Since I don't watch Survivor, I can't form an opinion on this one... did anyone see it? Any comments?

Return of the Right Whale, and Extra-Nice Fish

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I certainly wasn't expecting to see this after my last post about the injured right whale, one of only 300 right whales remaining... but apparently scientists are going to go after him again, this time with a different sedative to see if they can untangle him. I wish them the best success, and will keep an eye out for more news about their venture. Also on the ocean-front, New Scientist reports that there are fish that try to apologize to other fish by petting them with their fins.

Review of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

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One of the most eagerly awaited movies of the year is finally opening. Starred with heroes and heroines with much more refined polygons than those of Lara Croft, the teasers and art have every geek salivating entry to the theatres. Without giving away any spoilers, here is what to expect.

Interview with Circles Creative Staff

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Gay League, an organization covering mainstream comics with gay themes or characters, recently did an interview with the creative team behind Circles. Pretty good interview if you want to review it: the article can be found here: Gay League Circles Interview

New Tai-Pan Fanzine Issue Available

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From the Tai-Pan editors: "Tai-Pan issue #27 is available now!Issue #27 is 50 pages long, contains a chapter of our serialized
novel, a complete story, and artwork by eight different artists. Issue
#27 may be ordered directly from the publisher or from Mailbox Books.
For ordering information (and to see the cover, learn more about the
contents, and find links to lots of other information about the
Tai-Pan Literary and Arts Project), check out this web site."

Midwest FurFest Charity Auction News

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From Mirko: "I'm happy to announce the beneficiary of this year's Midwest FurFest Charity
Auction -- Animals for Awareness, an organization that provides shelter to unwanted exotic animals, rehabilitates native wildlife and runs an extensive education program. You can get an overview of AFA's activities at"

Furnation adds new affiliate service

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From Nexxus on "You know that we have been attempting to add new services to our system for quite a long time now. Now that we are back online at our present location with new equipment and faster lines, we decided it was about time to unveil our newest service!! An Official FurNation Affiliate! Auction, online sales,
and all around cool website!"
Read on for the details.

Seals and Pandas

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Yahoo had an interesting article on what seals use their whiskers for. Not all decoration, it seems. And off the Animal Planet site, a rather amazing story (bordering on News of the Weird) about a human woman who saved a couple of panda cubs with spare milk.

YAFA- (Yet Another Furry Article)

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Pitch Weekly attended last month's 'Howl, Growl and Purr' - A Missouri furry minicon, and thoughtfully wrote an Article On it!

I've read it. It's honest, and unflattering.

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