Cordwainer Smith Award Created

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Sci Fi Wire is reporting that the Cordwainer Smith Foundation has announced "...the establishment of the Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award, an annual literary award for forgotten SF classics, named after the SF writer. The award will honor a science fiction or fantasy writer whose work deserves renewed attention or rediscovery and whose work displays unusual originality and embodies the spirit of Cordwainer Smith's fiction..."

2000 Nebula Award Winners Announced

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On April 28, 2001, the winners of the 2000 Nebula Awards were announced, with Greg Bear's Darwin's Radio taking the award for Best Novel. You can find the complete list at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America website

Bronzebear Liquidation Sale

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Bronzebear Media Distribution, one of the succesors to the old Mailbox Books (not the 'new' Mailbox Books at this website) is shutting down. The reasons listed are a variety, mostly relating to the proprietor wanting to concentrate on his education, and his annoyance at fandom politics.

Announcing The 2001 Mephit Fur Meet

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From Tyger Cowboy on "We are pleased to announce that the Mephit Fur Meet 2001 information is now available! The website has basic information on it and online registration will be available soon. If you have any questions you can email any of the staff noted in the enclosed info.

This year's Meet will be held August 30th - September 3rd, 2001 in Memphis, Tennessee."

Stability of Furry Hosts

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The down time of FurNation got me thinking about the stability of furry servers.

Hugo finalists announced

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Millenium Philcon (the 59th World Science Fiction Convention) has announced the finalists for the 2001 Hugo awards. The Hugo Award, also known as the Science Fiction Achievement Award, is given annually by the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS). The Hugo Award is sponsored by WSFS, administered by the committee of the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) held that year, and determined by nominations from and a popular vote of the membership of WSFS. In general, a Hugo Award given in a particular year is for work that appeared in the previous calendar year.

Nationwide SF/Fantasy author book signings this weekend

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The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has announced free author signings throughout the country this weekend in conjunction with the annual Nebula Award Banquet.

Article on the Future of Animation

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Probably more appropriate to a topic we don't have (movie news?), here's an article from the LA Times about the future of animated features. It has an interesting flavor because it was written in November, so it's both timely enough to point out the future and dated enough to see if the predictions are coming true.

Recent Positive Article on Furry in Omaha, NE

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There has been plenty of bad reports on Furries and Fursuiters, but for once, a reporter from the Omaha World-Herald appears to have gotten it right with an interview with their local fur, SnapE Tiger. This positive article not only shows the positive side to furrydom, but doesn't seem to get bogged down in the tabloid sensationalism.

Confurence 12 - my impressions

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Confurence 12. I decided I might as well write up my impressions of it.Overall, I wasn't too disappointed at the con. It could've been better, but it was enjoyable.Specifics first, then more general observations.

New Anthro Novel for deer fans

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A very Watership Downish sort of book form what I can tell so far. I'll try and do a book review once I am done. Found it at MediaPlay this week and it is available on Amazon

NorWesCon 24 report

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The 24th Northwest Science Fiction Convention (NorWesCon) was a lot of fun. The annual Tai-Pan furry party was also a success. This is my 15th year in a row to attend this Seattle-Tacoma area convention, and among the group I usually room-share with are a couple of people who have been attending this con for twenty years, so I am a teeny bit biased.

Yerf is open.

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Please please please read the uploading guidelines. We're *already* getting applications with stuff that breaks the rules on the application page. o_O

Elephant-human communication story online

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From's fiction e-zine:


What happens when a device is developed that enables elephant-human
communication? Find out in M. Shayne Bell's powerful story
"Refugees From Nulongwe." Also, read James Tiptree, Jr.'s
classic on alien lifestyles, "Love is the Plan, the Plan is Death."

Furnation still not shutting down, despite rumors

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Here's what Nexus has written to artists and visitors who've signed up for the Furnation news listserv:

From the Yerf Archive