Satin & Silk - Lost and Found

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In 1998 a comic strip began known as Satin & Silk, based on a pair of female skunks stranded on Earth. This strip was then joined with other strips and was lost for a short time amidst them, put on the backburne. Satin and Silk has now resumed, and is being updated three times a week along with other strips starring the sister skunks on

Radio Comix Update for 1/22/01

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For those interested in Radio Comix books, here's a quick update!

FC 2001 Progress Report 4

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Further Confusion recently published their final progress report before the convention. The full text appears below.

Shanda Fantasy Arts premieres new comics at Further Confusion

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Mike Curtis of Shanda Fantasy Arts announced the following titles will debut at FC: Katmandu Annual 2, Supermegatopia Special #1, SFA Spotlight: Women in Fur, and Last Kiss.

In the Zone, a comic published to raise funds to assist Michael-Scot McMurry with medical expenses related to his recent illness, will also be available at SFA's dealer table. According to Mr. Curtis, no part of the purchase price for this comic is retained by SFA, 100% of the proceeds go directly to Mr. McMurry.

Color character designs from Shanda's upcoming revival of Atomic Mouse will be available for viewing at the table.

Norway Set To Kill Most Of Its Wolves

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The New York Times

that Norway plans to kill most of the two dozen wolves
currently living in that country. The wolves have wandered over
from Sweden where they are being reintroduced.
(Free registration required to read the story.)

"Strange Animals" 'Zine Calls For Submissions

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Off of, Tom Turritin has announced the he is accepting new submissions to his fanzine, Strange Animals. Visit the website, or click below for the submission guidelines.

Welcome to!

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Hello there! Welcome to the launch. is a service to furry fandom, providing news, commentary, reviews, interviews, and user interactivity. For more information on who we are, and what we intend to do, you can check out our FAQ. As a user of, you should begin by registering an account. You can then post comments to existing news stories, or submit your own news stories (which then have to be approved by one of our admins). We do support anonymous users, but it's always nice to know who's participating in our community. Don't forget to check out our Feature Sections--we have a couple of book reviews (with more on the way!), as well as an interview with the creators of the World Tree RPG. Once again, welcome, and enjoy!

Jarlidium Press debuts two new books at Further Confusion

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Jarlidum Press has announced the release of two new books just in time for Further Confusion.

Shanda Fantasy Arts to revive Atomic Mouse

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Shanda Fantasy Arts will bring _Atomic Mouse_ back to comic life in SFA Spotlight #10, May 2001, 48 years to the month since he debuted, with 48 pages of fun and action.

Malcolm Earle to be GOH at ConiFur 2001

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ConiFur NW has announced that Malcolm "Max the Black Rabbit" Earle will be the Guest of Honor at ConiFur Northwest 2001. Mr. Earle is the creator of Zig Zag and is an inker for the _Extinctioners._ ConiFur. an anthropomorpic convention in the Seattle area, will be October 26-28.

New Projects at Sofawolf Press

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Two new projects have popped up at Sofawolf on the news page: a magazine with a historical focus; and an ambitious shared world trade paperback. These are in addition to Jeff Eddy's successful Anthrolations magazine. Follow the link to read more about the new projects and how to submit work.

World Tree RPG Launch at Further Confusion

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The second furry role playing game has just come off the presses, and I hear will be launched at Further Confusion this month: World Tree. I've been playtesting this one (and did some illustrations for it), and it's really fascinating . . . an intricate setting with a logical magical system that actually has repercussions on daily life. An updated website should be ready for FC weekend, so be sure to check back then for order information and a glimpse at Mike Raabe's spectacular cover art.

Ring of Swords

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Ring of Swords by Eleanor Arnasson [Orb/Tom Doherty Assoc, 1993 -- 364 pages]

It is the late 21st Century, and humanity is busy exploring the far reaches of space looking for habitable planets in the hope of escaping a polluted and overcrowded Earth. They are also looking for other intelligent life. They find the latter in the form of the fur-covered humanoid hwarhath. They seemed at first to be perfectly matched to humanity: aggressive, technologically advanced, and eager to go to war with the first thing they met.

Or so they seemed.

The Wolves of Time: Journeys to the Heartland

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The Wolves of Time: Journeys to the Heartland by William Horwood [Harper Collins UK, 1995 -- 610 pages]

Fire Bringer

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Fire Bringer, by David Clement-Davies

"It is a dark time for the deer. A tyrannical new Lord of the Herd has ended the old way, the yearly play of antlers that ensure a change of leadership. At his command is a corps of young stags, antlers sharpened for the kill, whose mission is completely dominion over the animal world.

"But a prophecy among the deer promises a hero -- a fawn with the mark of an oak leaf on his forehead. His unique bond with all creatures, including humans, will bring a new age of freedom.

"Rannoch is born the night his father is murdered. His mother, Eloin, keeps him hidden from the deadly attention of the Lord of the Herd, but soon Rannoch is forced to flee, beginning a perilous, wonderous journey. Among the moutnins and haunted glens of the Great Land, the young stag encounters strange herds, makes unusual allies, and, at last, finds the knowledge and courage to face his extraordinary destiny.

"In this grand epic of old Scotland, with its echoes of myth, history, and Scripture, David Clement-Davies has created a classic hero tale, full of thrilling action and told with the resonance of legend."

As a writer and an avid reader, I naturally tend to be very critical of books that I read. Yet I also take into account other factors that attribute to a book's greatness. Many "great" books have scored 0 on my list. However, _Fire Bringer_ is an excellent tale that is woven together with history into a rapturing story that was difficult to put down. I stayed up many, many nights reading this book.

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