New book series and television program from Redwall creator Brian Jacques

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Brian Jacques, author of the popular Redwall series, has debuted a new series of books aimed at the young adult reader called "Castaways of the Flying Dutchman". The series follows the adventures of Ben, the only survivor of the cursed Flying Dutchman. Aided by his telepathic dog Ned and directed by divine intervention, he travels across the world and through time helping those in need.
Diehard fans of the Redwall books will also be pleased to hear that an animated Redwall television series is slated to run on a number of U.S. public television stations beginning in April.
Read the full article from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel here.

A Statement From the FurryMuck Wizards

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From Steven 'Shaterri' Stadniki, a FurryMuck Wizard as posted on "Hello there. This is Steven Stadnicki, a.k.a. Shaterri; for those
folks who don't know me, I'm one of the long-time wizards on
FurryMUCK. Since I've been one of the people driving the domain issue from the wizards' side, I've decided to
be the one to respond to the various issues that have been raised
publically in the matter. While some wizards' opinions may differ
from mine -- we're a diverse group with a fairly diverse range of
viewpoints -- I've shared this letter with the rest of the wizcorps
and can safely say that my statements reflect the consensus view of
the FurryMUCK wizards. The tone is likely to get unfortunately
legalistic in spots, but I think it's important to express our view
of the facts as we see them, as objectively as possible."
Click below for the whole statement.

Name That Artist Contest - closed

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Those of you who submitted entries for the Name That Artist Contest, mentioned here two weeks ago, or who are simply interested in the answers, can now view the answers and the results, and some of the other sketches not used in the contest.

Loyal, Two-Legged Lobbyists Raise Banner of Dog Rights

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SAN FRANCISCO, March 21 — At a time when well-tended American dogs get braces for their teeth and Antidepressants for anxiety and attend the church of their owners' choice, it may come as no surprise
that a powerful political constituency has developed around a species once known mainly for chasing tennis balls in the backyard.

New issue of Tai-Pan available

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Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe issue #26 has been released. Issue #26 contains stories by Gene Breshears, Chas P.A. Melville, Mark Allen Davis, Edd Vick, Sky Rigdon, and Amy Norman with story illustrations by Tom Milliorn, Andrew Laverdiere, and David Zawitaj. The front cover is drawn by Tom Milliorn. The back cover is by Kathy R. Coleman.

Website Hugo Award

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A special Hugo will be awarded at the 2002 Worldcon, ConJose, for best sf/f website. Read more here at SF Wire, or at ConJose's page about the new award. So anyone going to vote for us? *grin*

Following up the sale of the furrymuck.* domains....

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Some of you who have been following the news may have noticed that the Ebay auction for the, .com and .net domains has disappeared. Read on for Darrel's Exline's post to AFF in regards to what happened:

Bill Hanna of Hanna/Barbera Fame Passes Away

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This article on Animation World Network reports the passing of the 90-year old Bill Hanna after a lengthy illness. Hanna and his partner, Joseph Barbera created such beloved cartoon characters as Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound and Scooby-Doo.

Sofawolf Press Moves to New Website

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After experiencing some trouble with their current DNS provider, Sofawolf Press has finally moved to (from There's a new website design and more information on current projects, submissions and advertising... so check it out and pester Eddy with questions. *grin*

Emergency Vets... no, not the TV show.

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CNN put up an article about emergency vets. It's a short, fairly light read but interesting none the less. A few vets are interviewed about what some of their more memorable patients, how their days normally progress and why they do it. Alongside the article is a sidebar of various schools and colleges that teach vetinary medicine. If you're interested in going into the vetinary field give it a skim and then check out some of the schools that are listed. Some, such as the University of Minnesota, are very well known for their courses. Others might come as a surprise. There's also an online survey, which I found to be very oddly worded, that you might like to take.

Voice Of Underdog's Polly Purebread Passes Away

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This article on Animation World Network reports that Norma Macmillan, the voice of UNDERDOG's Sweet Polly Purebread, passed away last Friday at the age of 79. She was also the voice of Goo and other characters on THE GUMBY SHOW, Davey's sister Sally on DAVEY & GOLIATH and Kokette on MEAN MOE.

All-animal cast film available at Movies Unlimited

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The 1947 film Bill and Coo, which won an Academy Award for novel use of the medium of motion pictures, is now available at Movies I own a copy of this film and have to say it's a real treat for the animal lover, especially if you're a fan of avians. The cast is composed entirely of trained birds, with two love birds as the stars and a crow as the villian. It has a cute storyline, a nifty setting built to scale for the birds, and actually received praise from Leonard Maltin. No small feat, that.

Nine lives are sound-based...

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Slashdot recently featured a blurb referencing an article in The Daily Telegraph that discusses how cats "heal themselves" by purring. It's a rather interesting article that touches on the benefits of exposure to low-frequency sound for both felines and humans. It doesn't talk about HOW cats purr, however, so if you're looking for that you'll have to hit the vet texts. The article also references some of the extraordinary accidents that cats have been involved in and survived (for example a 45-story fall).

Help Pigs in Florida!

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Florida voters have an opportunity to promote legislation that will prevent cruelty to pigs used to produce meat. If we're going to eat them, we should treat them with some dignity and respect. Visit for more information on how you can help, and some really heart-wrenching photographs.

Animal Cams

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Animal Planet has a web page devoted to live webcam sites specifically aimed at animals. Included are a shark cam, a penguin cam, a rhino cam and more. The page also sports a link to yet more cameras listed off of Discovery.Com (parent of Animal Planet). This listing has far more links, with links to a camera in a pet shelter, a lion camera, hippos and more. Take a peek!

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